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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Power Steering Pump R&R

Access power steering pump bolts through holes in power steering pump pulley. Pulley is illustrated off pump for clarity only, it is not required to remove pulley in vehicle.
1. Remove power steering fluid reservoir.
2. Remove power steering gear inlet hose at power steering pump.
3. Remove power steering pump bolts, Fig. 1.
4. Remove power steering pump, Fig. 1.
5. Transfer components, as required.
6. Reverse procedure to install, noting following:
  a. Torque power steering pump bolts to 16 ft. lbs.
  b. Fill and bleed power steering system.

Fig. 1

    Power Steering Line R&R
    Steering Gear Outlet & Fluid Reservoir Inlet Removal 1. Remove as much power steering fluid from power steering fluid reservoir as possible. ...

    Power Steering System Bleed
    Use clean, new power steering fluid type only. Hoses touching frame, body or engine may cause system noise. Verify that hoses do not touch any other section of vehicle. ...

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