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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Electrical

Radiator, Replace
1. Drain cooling system into a suitable container. 2. Raise and support vehicle. 3. Remove front fascia supp ...

Brake Light Switch R&R
Procedure 1. Disconnect electrical connection. 2. Rotate stop lamp switch counterclockwise to remove it from pedal assembly, Fig. 1. ...

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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual > Body & Frame: Rear Bumper Reinforcement
Removal 1. Remove rear bumper as outlined in Rear Bumper. 2. Remove bolts and rear impact bar, Fig. 1. Installation Reverse procedure to install. Torque bolts to 16 ft. lbs. Fig. 1 Rear bumper ...

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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual

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