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The DIC has different displays in the instrument cluster which can be accessed by pressing the DIC buttons on the instrument panel, below the exterior lamps control.

DIC Buttons

DIC Buttons

: Press to display the trip and fuel displays.

: Press to display the vehicle information displays.

: Press to customize the feature settings on the vehicle. See Vehicle Personalization on page 5-36 for more information.

: Press to set or reset certain functions and to turn off or acknowledge messages on the DIC.

See Driver Information Center (DIC) on page 5-24.

Vehicle Personalization

Some vehicle features can be programmed by using the DIC buttons on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel. These features include:

  • Language
  • Door Lock and Unlock Settings
  • Lighting
  • Chime Volume
  • Remote Start

See Vehicle Personalization on page 5-36.

Rear Vision Camera (RVC)

If equipped, RVC displays a view of the area behind the vehicle, on the center stack display, when the vehicle is shifted into R (Reverse).

See Rear Vision Camera (RVC) on page 9-34.

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