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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Door Lock Cylinder

Refer to Fig. 1 when performing following procedures.
1. Remove front door trim panel as outlined under "Door Trim Panel."
2. Remove front door exterior handle screws access cover.
3. Remove water deflector.
4. Disconnect lock rod from cylinder.
5. Do not remove cylinder screw completely from housing; remove screw to hard stop and remove cylinder.
6. Remove front door exterior handle lock cylinder cover.
7. Remove front door exterior handle lock cylinder.
8. Reverse procedure to install. Torque front door exterior handle lock cylinder screws to 44 inch lbs.

Fig. 1 Door lock cylinder removal. Captiva Sport

    Door Lock Actuator R&R
    Front 1. Remove front door trim panel. 2. Remove water deflector. 3. Release front inside door handle cable ...

    Door Trim Panel
    Front 1. Remove three front door trim panel bolts, Fig. 1. 2. Disengage door lock cable. 3. Disconnect trim ...

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