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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Exterior Lamp Controls

Exterior Lamp Controls

The exterior lamp control is on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

Turn the control to the following positions:

(Off): Turns off the exterior lamps. The knob returns to the AUTO position after it is released.

AUTO (Automatic): Automatically turns the exterior lamps on and off, depending on outside lighting.

The current status of the AUTO system is displayed in the Driver Information Center (DIC) display.

See Vehicle Reminder Messages on page 5-36.

(Parking Lamps): Turns on the parking lamps including all lamps, except the headlamps.

(Headlamps): Turns on the headlamps together with the parking lamps and instrument panel lights.

Lamps On Reminder

A warning chime sounds, if the driver door is opened while the ignition is off and the lamps are on.

Wiper-Activated Headlamps

The headlamps and parking lamps turn on automatically if the exterior lamp control is set in the AUTO position and the windshield wipers are turned on and have completed eight wipe cycles.

When the ignition is turned off, the wiper-activated headlamps immediately turn off. They also turn off if the windshield wiper control is turned off.

Chevy Captiva's exterior lamp controls are crucial for managing the vehicle's lighting system effectively and safely. Typically located on the left side of the steering column, these controls offer various functions to illuminate the road and indicate your intentions to other drivers.

Starting with the headlight controls, you can switch between different modes such as "Off," "Auto," "Parking Lights," and "Headlights." The "Auto" mode automatically adjusts the headlights based on ambient light conditions, while "Parking Lights" activate the sidelights and license plate lights without turning on the headlights. "Headlights" mode turns on both the headlights and front fog lights for driving in low-light situations.

Adjacent to the steering wheel, the turn signal controls allow you to signal left or right turns by pushing the lever up or down, respectively. The high beam control, usually located separately near the steering wheel, toggles between low and high beam headlights for improved visibility at night. Additionally, the flash-to-pass feature briefly activates the high beams to signal other drivers.

If your Captiva is equipped with fog lights, you can use the dedicated controls near the headlight switch to turn them on, enhancing visibility in foggy conditions while avoiding glare for oncoming traffic. In emergencies or when stopped on the roadside, the emergency flasher button activates all four turn signal lights simultaneously in a rapid flashing pattern, alerting other drivers to your presence.

Familiarizing yourself with these controls on Chevy Captiva 2014 enables you to use the vehicle's lighting system effectively and responsibly in various driving scenarios, promoting safety and visibility on the road.

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