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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Steering & Suspension

Drive Belt Tensioner R&R
1. Remove drive belt. 2. Remove drive belt tensioner bolt, Fig. 1. 3. Remove drive belt tensioner, Fig. ...

Power Steering Line R&R
Steering Gear Outlet & Fluid Reservoir Inlet Removal 1. Remove as much power steering fluid from power steering fluid reservoir as possible. ...

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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual > Warning Lights, Gauges, and Indicators: StabiliTrakĀ® Indicator Light, Traction Control System (TCS) Warning Light, Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light
StabiliTrakĀ® Indicator Light The StabiliTrak light comes on briefly as the engine is started. If it does not come on, have the vehicle serviced by your dealer. This light flashes while the StabiliTrak system or the Traction Control System (TCS) is working. The light comes on when the ...

Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual

Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual

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