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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: OnStar

First generation of the Chevrolet Captiva (C100/C140) features an advanced in-vehicle system that provides access to a range of services through a live Advisor. These services typically include Emergency, Security, Navigation, Connection, and Diagnostic functionalities, offering drivers and passengers enhanced safety, convenience, and connectivity.

The Emergency service can be crucial in urgent situations, allowing users to connect with emergency responders for prompt assistance. Security features may include remote vehicle lock/unlock, stolen vehicle tracking, and alarm notifications for added protection. Navigation services provide real-time traffic updates, route guidance, and points of interest to enhance the driving experience.

Additionally, the Connection feature enables seamless integration with smartphones and other devices for hands-free calling, media streaming, and access to apps. Diagnostic services offer insights into the vehicle's health, alerting users to potential issues and providing maintenance reminders for optimal performance.

This comprehensive in-vehicle system in the Chevrolet Captiva first generation enhances the driving experience by combining safety, connectivity, and convenience features into a user-friendly platform.

OnStar Overview
If equipped, this vehicle has a comprehensive, in-vehicle system that can connect to a live Advisor for Emergency, Security, Navigation, Connection, and Diagnostic Services. The OnStar system ...

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