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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Tires

Wheel R&R
Removal Warning: If penetrating oil gets on vertical surfaces between wheel and rotor or drum it could cause wheel to work loose as vehicle is driven, resulting in loss of control and ...

Component Locations
Refer to Fig. 1 for component locations. Fig. 1 TPMS sensor location ...

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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual > Keys and Locks: Delayed Locking, Automatic Door Locks, Lockout Protection
Delayed Locking A chime will sound to indicate a door or the liftgate is open when you try to lock the doors with the power door lock switch. The doors will not lock, and the theft‐deterrent system will not arm until all the doors are closed and five seconds have passed. Automatic Do ...

Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual

Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual

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