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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Overview


  1. (Information)

  • Press to show information on the current station or track.

  1. FAV (Favorites Pages)

  • Press to scroll through the favorite pages.

  1. MENU

  • Press to open the tone menu to adjust the bass, midrange, treble, fade, and balance.

  1. Buttons 1 - 6

  • Save and select favorite stations.

  1. EQ (Equalizer)

  • Press to adjust the equalizer settings.

  1. CAT (Category)

  • Press to display a list of XM categories.

  1. (Tone)

  • Press to set the bass or treble.

  1. (Clock)

  • Press to set the clock.

  1. BAND

  • Press to scroll through the available bands AM, FM, or XM if equipped.

  1. SEEK

  • Seeks the previous station.

  1. SEEK

  • Seeks the next station.

  1. DVD Slot

  2. (Power/Volume)

  • Press to turn the infotainment system on or off.

  • Turn to adjust the volume.

  1. REV (Reverse)

  • Press and hold to go backward fast through a track.

  1. FWD (Forward)

  • Press and hold to fast forward through a track.

  1. CD/AUX

  • Press to scroll through selecting the CD or an auxiliary device.

  1. EJECT

  • Press to eject the loaded CD.

    Read the following pages to become familiar with the infotainment system features. Warning Taking your eyes off the road for extended periods could cause a crash resulting in injury or death to ...

    Playing the Radio (Power/Volume): Press to turn the system on and off. Turn to increase or decrease the volume. (Information) (MP3 and RDS Features): Press to display additional text inform ...

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