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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Washer Fluid

What to Use

When windshield washer fluid is needed, be sure to read the manufacturer instructions before use. If operating the vehicle in an area where the temperature can fall below freezing, use a fluid that has sufficient protection against freezing.

Adding Windshield Washer Fluid

Open the cap with the washer symbol on it. Add washer fluid until the tank is full. See Engine Compartment Overview on page 10-4.


  • Do not use engine coolant (antifreeze) in the windshield washer. It can damage the windshield washer system and paint.
  • Do not mix water with ready-to-use washer fluid.

    Water can cause the solution to freeze and damage the washer fluid tank and other parts of the washer system.

  • When using concentrated washer fluid, follow the manufacturer instructions for adding water.
  • Fill the washer fluid tank only three-quarters full when it is very cold. This allows for fluid expansion if freezing occurs, which could damage the tank if it is completely full.

Washer fluid system in the Chevrolet Captiva plays a crucial role in maintaining visibility while driving by keeping the windshield clean from dirt, dust, and other debris. The system typically consists of a washer fluid reservoir, washer pump, hoses, and nozzles.

The washer fluid reservoir is located under the hood and is designed to hold a sufficient amount of washer fluid to last for an extended period. The washer pump, usually electrically operated, draws fluid from the reservoir and sends it through the hoses to the washer nozzles located at the base of the windshield.

When the driver activates the washer fluid system using the control stalk or button on the dashboard, the washer pump sprays the fluid onto the windshield through the nozzles. This action helps to dislodge and remove dirt, bugs, and other obstructions from the windshield, improving visibility and safety while driving.

It's important for Chevrolet Captiva owners to regularly check the washer fluid level and top it up as needed to ensure optimal performance of the washer system. Using a quality washer fluid that is formulated for all-season use helps maintain clear visibility in various driving conditions, including winter weather with ice and snow.

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