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If a floor mat is the wrong size or is not properly installed, it can interfere with the pedals.

Interference with the pedals can cause unintended acceleration and/or increased stopping distance which can cause a crash and injury. Make sure the floor mat does not interfere with the pedals.

Use the following guidelines for proper floor mat usage.

  • The original equipment floor mats were designed for your vehicle. If the floor mats need replacing, it is recommended that GM certified floor mats be purchased. Non-GM floor mats may not fit properly and may interfere with the accelerator or brake pedal. Always check that the floor mats do not interfere with the pedals.
  • Use the floor mat with the correct side up. Do not turn it over.
  • Do not place anything on top of the driver side floor mat.
  • Use only a single floor mat on the driver side.
  • Do not place one floor mat on top of another.

The driver side floor mat is held in place by two hook-type retainers.

Removing and Replacing the Floor Mats
Removing and Replacing the Floor Mats

  1. Pull up on the rear of the mat to remove it from the hooks.
  2. Reinstall by lining up the floor mat retainer openings over the carpet retainers and hook into position.
  3. Make sure the floor mat is properly secured and verify that it does not interfere with the pedals.
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