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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Rear Door Latch


1. Remove interior trim panel.
2. Remove three rear door latch screws, Fig. 1.
3. Remove water deflector.
4. Release inside door handle cable retainers.
5. Disconnect rear side door latch electrical connector.
6. Remove rear side door latch rods.
7. Remove rear door latch.


Reverse procedure to install. Torque latch screws to 89 inch lbs.

Fig. 1 Rear door latch removal

Rear door latch in a Chevrolet Captiva plays a critical role in ensuring the security and functionality of the vehicle's rear doors. It is responsible for securely locking and unlocking the rear doors, allowing passengers to enter and exit the vehicle safely.

The latch mechanism typically includes several components such as the latch itself, striker, handle, and cables. These components work together to ensure smooth operation when opening and closing the rear doors.

In modern vehicles like the Captiva, rear door latches are often integrated with the central locking system, allowing them to be controlled remotely using the key fob or interior door lock switch. This integration enhances convenience for users by providing seamless access to the vehicle's rear compartments.

Regular maintenance and inspection of the rear door latch are essential to ensure proper functionality and prevent issues such as door jams or malfunctions. Owners should also follow manufacturer recommendations for lubrication and adjustment to keep the latch system in optimal condition, contributing to a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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