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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Brake System, Inspect

A visual inspection must always be performed to confirm presence of aftermarket components, potential collision damage, or areas of concern.
Always clean all brake system components, hoses and lines before starting inspection. Many system leaks can be identified during cleaning.
1. Verify stop lamps operate correctly by applying and releasing brake pedal with ignition switch in OFF position.
2. Start vehicle engine and firmly press brake pedal.
3. Inspect pedal for "spongy" or abnormal feel when applying pressure.
4. Inspect instrument cluster for ABS or brake light illumination.
5. Connect a suitably programmed scan tool and ensure no brake system codes are present. If equipped, ABS hydraulic unit can be cycled at this time.
6. Test drive vehicle at normal surface road speeds. Ensure brakes operate smoothly and do not pull to either side. Listen for any irregular sounds when applying brakes.
7. Inspect brake system fluid level. If fluid level is low, this may be caused by worn brake pads or system leaks.
8. Raise and support vehicle using a suitable vehicle lift.
9. Inspect brake pads for excessive wear. Ensure inner and outer brake pads are worn evenly.
10. Inspect brake rotors for scoring or discoloration.
11. Visually inspect system for any leaks.
12. Repair as required.

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