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Tire pressure monitor (TPM) system uses instrument panel cluster (IPC), body control module (BCM), remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR), keyless entry transmitter, four radio frequency transmitting pressure sensors, and serial data circuit to perform TPM learn mode functions. Sensor learn procedure must be performed after every tire rotation, RCDLR replacement, or sensor replacement. Once learn mode has been enabled, each of sensors unique identification codes can be learned into RCDLR memory. When a sensor ID has been learned, RCDLR sends a serial data message to BCM to sound a horn chirp. This verifies sensor has transmitted its ID and RCDLR has received and learned it. RCDLR must learn sensor IDs in proper sequence to determine correct sensor location. First learned ID is assigned to lefthand front location, second righthand front, third to righthand rear and fourth to lefthand rear. Turn signals will individually illuminate indicating which location is to be learned in proper sequence.
Each sensor has an internal low frequency coil. When TPM special tool is used in activate mode, it produces a low frequency transmission that activates sensor. Sensor responds to a low frequency activation by transmitting in learn mode. When RCDLR receives a learn mode transmission while in TPM learn mode, it will assign that sensors ID to location on vehicle relative to order in which it was learned.
Learn mode will cancel if ignition is cycled to OFF or if more than two minutes has elapsed for any sensor that has not been learned. If learn mode is cancelled before first sensor is learned, original sensor IDs will be maintained. If learn mode is canceled after first sensor is learned, following will occur: All stored sensor IDs will be invalidated in RCDLR memory, DIC will display dashes instead of tire pressures and DTC C0775 will be set.
These conditions will now require learn procedure to be repeated for system to function properly.
In event a particular sensor information is displayed on special tool upon activation but horn does not chirp, it may be required to rotate wheel valve stem to a different position due to sensor signal is being blocked by another component.
1. Ignition ON, initiate TPM Learn Mode using one of following procedures, as follows:
  a. Initiate TPM Learn Mode, using a suitably programmed scan tool. A double horn chirp will sound indicating learn mode has been enabled. Lefthand front turn signal will also be illuminated.
  b. On vehicles equipped with keyless entry, simultaneously press keyless entry transmitters lock and unlock buttons until a double horn chirp sounds indicating learn mode has been enabled. Lefthand front turn signal will also be illuminated.
  c. On vehicles without keyless entry, press and release driver information center (DIC) "INFO" button until "TIRE LEARN" message appears on DIC display. Press and hold "SET/RESET" button until a double horn chirp sounds indicating learn mode has been enabled. Lefthand front turn signal will also be illuminated.
2. On all models, starting with lefthand front tire, activate sensor by holding antenna of TPM special tool aimed upward against tire sidewall close to wheel rim at valve stem location. Press and release Activate button. Ensure that transmit indicator on special tool indicates that sensor activation signal is being transmitted. Wait for a horn chirp. If horn does not chirp, repeat sensor activation sequence with tool. Once horn chirp has sounded, sensor information is learned and turn signal in next location to be learned will illuminate.
3. After horn chirp has sounded and righthand front turn signal is illuminated, repeat step two for remaining three sensors in following order: Righthand front, righthand rear, then lefthand rear.
4. When lefthand rear sensor has been learned and a double horn chirp has sounded, learn process is complete and RCDLR exits learn mode.
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