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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Electric Parking Brake Light, Antilock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light

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Electric Parking Brake Light

The parking brake status light comes on when the brake is applied. If the light continues flashing after the parking brake is released, or while driving, there is a problem with the EPB system.

A SERVICE PARKING BRAKE message may also display in the Driver Information Center (DIC).

See Brake System Messages on page 5-29 for more information.

If the light does not come on, or remains flashing, see your dealer.

The parking brake warning light should come on briefly when ignition is placed in ON/RUN. If it does not come on then, have it fixed so it will be ready to warn if there is a problem.

If this light comes on, there is a problem with a system on the vehicle that is causing the EPB system to work at a reduced level.

The vehicle can still be driven, but should be taken to a dealer as soon as possible. See Parking Brake on page 9-26.

Antilock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light

This light should come on briefly when the vehicle is in ON/RUN. If it does not come on, have the vehicle serviced by your dealer.

If the ABS warning light stays on longer than a few seconds after the vehicle is in ON/RUN, or comes on and stays on while driving, try resetting the system. To reset the system:

  1. While driving, pull over when it is safe to do so.
  2. Place the vehicle in P (Park).
  3. Turn the vehicle off.
  4. Restart the vehicle.

If the ABS warning light remains on after resetting the system or comes on again while driving, the vehicle needs service. If the ABS warning light is on, but the regular brake system warning light is not on, the antilock brakes are not working properly, but the regular brakes are still functioning. Have the vehicle serviced right away. If both brake lights are on, the vehicle does not have antilock brakes, and there is a problem with the regular brakes as well. Have the vehicle towed for service. See Towing the Vehicle on page 10-70.

The Electric Parking Brake Light in Chevrolet Captiva (2006-2018) illuminates when the electric parking brake is engaged or when there's a malfunction in the system. It's important to note that engaging the electric parking brake while driving can be dangerous, so it's crucial to check the brake status before setting off.

The Captiva's ABS Warning Light indicates a problem with the Antilock Brake System. When this light comes on, it signifies that there may be an issue with the ABS sensors, hydraulic unit, or other components related to the ABS system. It's advisable to have the ABS system checked by a qualified technician to diagnose and resolve any underlying issues promptly.

In both cases, these warning lights serve as crucial indicators for the driver to take appropriate action. Ignoring these warnings can lead to potential safety hazards or further damage to the vehicle's systems.

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