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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Lighting Features

Entry Lighting

If the dome lamp override button is in the out position, the lamps inside the vehicle automatically come on when any door is opened, or when   is pressed on the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter.

After the door is opened, the lamps remain on and stay on for 20 seconds after the doors are closed, or until the key is put into the ignition and turned to the ACC/ ACCESSORY position. The lamps will then gradually dim until they are no longer lit.

Battery Load Management

The vehicle has Electric Power Management (EPM) that estimates the battery's temperature and state of charge. It then adjusts the voltage for best performance and extended life of the battery.

When the battery's state of charge is low, the voltage is raised slightly to quickly bring the charge back up.

When the state of charge is high, the voltage is lowered slightly to prevent overcharging. The voltage may move up or down on the voltmeter gauge or the voltage display on vehicles with the Driver Information Center. This is normal.

If there is a problem, an alert will be displayed.

The battery can be discharged at idle if the electrical loads are very high. This is true for all vehicles.

This is because the generator (alternator) may not be spinning fast enough at idle to produce all the power that is needed for very high electrical loads.

A high electrical load occurs when several of the following are on, such as: headlamps, high beams, fog lamps, rear window defogger, climate control fan at high speed, heated seats, engine cooling fans, trailer loads, and loads plugged into accessory power outlets.

EPM works to prevent excessive discharge of the battery. It does this by balancing the generator's output and the vehicle's electrical needs.

It can increase engine idle speed to generate more power, whenever needed. It can temporarily reduce the power demands of some accessories. Normally, these actions occur in steps or levels, without being noticeable.

Battery Power Protection

The battery saver feature is designed to protect the vehicle's battery.

If any interior or exterior lamp is left on and the ignition is turned off, the battery rundown protection system automatically turns the lamp off after 10 minutes.

Chevrolet Captiva First generation (C100/C140) integrates a range of sophisticated features related to entry lighting, battery load management, and battery power protection, all aimed at enhancing functionality, efficiency, and user experience. The entry lighting system in the Captiva is designed to provide illumination around the vehicle's entry points, such as the side mirrors or door handles, to assist drivers and passengers in low-light conditions. This not only improves visibility during entry and exit but also adds a layer of security by illuminating the surrounding area.

Battery load management in the Captiva involves intelligent control of electrical components to optimize battery usage and prevent undue strain on the battery. By constantly monitoring power demand and adjusting distribution accordingly, the system ensures essential systems receive adequate power while minimizing unnecessary drain. This smart management helps conserve energy, prolonging battery life and reducing the risk of unexpected power issues.

Furthermore, the Captiva's battery power protection features are crucial for maintaining battery health and performance. These features include safeguards against overcharging, deep discharge, and other damaging conditions. The vehicle's charging system is equipped with sensors and controls that monitor battery status and take corrective action if potential issues arise. This proactive approach not only protects the battery but also contributes to a more reliable and durable electrical system overall.

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