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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Maintenance

Passenger Compartment Air Filter

The filter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants from outside air that is pulled into the vehicle.

The filter should be replaced as part of routine scheduled maintenance.

See Maintenance Schedule on page 11-2 for replacement intervals.

To find out what type of filter to use, see Maintenance Replacement Parts on page 11-13.

The passenger compartment air filter can be accessed by removing the entire glove box.

Passenger Compartment Air Filter

  1. Remove the four screws from around the glove box and detach the three inner clips from the glove box.
  2. Lower the loosened glove box housing.


  1. Unplug both wire cables and remove the glove box.


  1. Remove the air filter cover screw.


  1. Remove the filter cover and pull out the old air filter.
  2. Install the new air filter.
  3. Reinstall the air filter cover.

    Reconnect the wire cabling and reinstall the glove box.

See your dealer if additional assistance is needed.

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