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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Brake Light Switch R&R


1. Disconnect the electrical connection.
2. Rotate the stop lamp switch counterclockwise to remove it from the pedal assembly, Fig. 1.
3. Reverse procedure to install. Adjust stop lamp switch.


Caution: Proper stop lamp switch adjustment is essential. Improper stop lamp switch adjustment could cause brake drag and excessive brake lining wear.
1. Cycle the brake pedal to ensure free brake pedal movement and full return prior to setting the switch.
2. Slide the brake stop lamp switch into the retainer until the switch plunger is touching against the striker plate.
3. Once the switch barrel is against the strike plate, twist clockwise 60° until the travel stop has been reached to lock it in place.
4. With the switch properly adjusted, there will be a .008-.47 inch clearance between the end of the switch barrel and the striker plate on the pedal arm.
5. Cycle the brake pedal to ensure the brake switch electrical connector is fully seated, and that the switch remains in place.
6. Verify the operation of the brake stop lamp.

Fig. 1

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