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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Power Steering System Bleed

Use clean, new power steering fluid type only.
Hoses touching frame, body or engine may cause system noise. Verify that hoses do not touch any other section of vehicle.
Loose connections may not leak, but could allow air into steering system. Verify that all hose connections are tight.
Power steering fluid level must be maintained throughout bleed procedure.
With hydro-boost only, oil level will appear falsely high if hydro-boost accumulator is not fully charged. Do not apply brake pedal with engine OFF. This will discharge hydro-boost accumulator.
1. Fill pump reservoir with fluid to minimum system level, "FULL COLD" level, or middle of hash mark on cap stick fluid level indicator.
2. If equipped with hydro-boost, fully charge hydro-boost accumulator, noting following:
  a. Start engine.
  b. Firmly apply brake pedal 10-15 times.
  c. Turn engine OFF.
3. Raise vehicle until front wheels are off ground.
4. Key on engine OFF, turn steering wheel from stop to stop 12 times. Vehicles equipped with hydro-boost systems or longer length power steering hoses may require turns up to 15-20 stop to stops.
5. Verify power steering fluid level per operating specification.
6. Start engine. Rotate steering wheel from lefthand to righthand. Inspect for signs of cavitation or fluid aeration (pump noise/whining).
7. Verify fluid level. Repeat bleed procedure, as required.
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