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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Stabilizer Bar R&R


1. Remove engine splash shield.
2. Separate steering linkage outer tie rod on lefthand side at steering knuckle, Fig. 1.
3. Separate front stabilizer shaft link at front stabilizer shaft, Fig. 1.
4. Remove front stabilizer shaft insulator at front stabilizer shaft, Fig. 1.
5. Remove front stabilizer shaft through lefthand wheel opening, Fig. 1.
6. Reverse procedure to install.


In following service procedure, it is not required to remove rear suspension support. Lower support enough to remove stabilizer bar.
Hold ball shaft secure with a 90° bend style TORX® bit, when removing nut.
1. Raise and support vehicle.
2. Lower rear suspension support.
3. Remove stabilizer link to stabilizer shaft nut, Fig. 2.
4. Remove stabilizer shaft clamp bolts, Fig. 3.
5. Remove stabilizer shaft clamps and bushings from stabilizer shaft, Fig. 3.
6. Disengage stabilizer shaft from stabilizer link ball studs, while removing stabilizer shaft from vehicle.
7. Reverse procedure to install, noting following:
  a. Torque stabilizer shaft clamp bolts to 52 ft. lbs.
  b. Torque stabilizer link nut to 37 ft. lbs.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

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