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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Toe Adjust


Steering linkage inner tie rod must rotate freely from boot seal surface. Do not allow boot to rotate.
1. Position and lock steering wheel with vehicle with wheels in straight forward position.
2. Loosen both of steering linkage inner tie rod nuts, Fig. 1.
3. Loosen steering linkage inner tie rod seal to boot surface.
4. Rotate steering linkage outer tie rod to increase or decrease toe angle specifications, using a wrench.
5. Torque steering linkage inner tie rod nuts to 44 ft. lbs.
6. Inspect toe angle to ensure proper adjustment and adjust, as required.


If experiencing problems in adjusting rear toe, replace existing nut with service cam nut to eliminate adjusting problem.
1. Loosen adjustment link nut (2), Fig. 2.
2. Rotate adjustment link bolt (1) to adjust toe setting, Fig. 2.
3. Snug adjustment link nut (2), do not tighten at this time, Fig. 2.
4. Inspect rear toe specifications and adjust again, as required.
5. Hold adjustment link bolt (1), Fig. 2.
6. Torque adjustment link nut (2) to 118 ft. lbs., Fig. 2.
7. Repeat procedure for other rear wheel.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

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