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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Folding Seatback

The front passenger seatback may fold flat.


  • If you fold the seatback forward to carry longer objects, such as skis, be sure any such cargo is not near an airbag. In a crash, an inflating airbag might force that object toward a person. This could cause severe injury or even death. Secure objects away from the area in which an airbag would inflate. For more information, see Where Are the Airbags? on page 3-19 and Vehicle Load Limits on page 9-10.
  • Things you put on this seatback can strike and injure people in a sudden stop or turn, or in a crash.

    Remove or secure all items before driving.

To fold the seatback:

  1. Lower the head restraint all the way. See Head Restraints on page 3-2.
  2. Move the seat as far back as possible. See Seat Adjustment on page 3-3.

Folding Seatback

  1. Lift the lever fully and fold the seatback forward until it disengages.
  2. Continue lowering the seatback until it is completely folded.

To raise the seatback:

  1. Raise the seatback and push it rearward until it re-engages.


If either seatback is not locked, it could move forward in a sudden stop or crash. That could cause injury to the person sitting there.

Always push and pull on the seatbacks to be sure they are locked.

  1. Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked in place.
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