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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Windshield Wiper/Washer

Windshield Wiper/Washer

The windshield wiper lever is on the right side of the steering column.

Move the lever up or down to select the wiper speed.

(Mist): Single wipe, briefly move the lever down. The lever returns to its starting position when released.

For several wipes, hold the lever down.

(Off): Turns the windshield wipers off.

(Adjustable Interval Wipes): Sets a delay between wipes. Move the switch on top of the lever left for less frequent wipes or right for more frequent wipes.

(Low): Slow wipes.

(High): Fast wipes.

Clear ice and snow from the wiper blades before using them. If frozen to the windshield, carefully loosen or thaw them. Damaged wiper blades should be replaced. See Wiper Blade Replacement on page 10-25.

Heavy snow or ice can overload the wiper motor. A circuit breaker will stop the motor until it cools down.



Going through an automatic car wash with the wipers on can damage them. Turn the wipers off when going through an automatic car wash.

If equipped with Rainsense™ windshield wipers, the moisture sensor is next to the inside rearview mirror and is mounted on the windshield. When active, these sensors are able to detect moisture on the windshield and automatically turn on the wipers.

To turn on the Rainsense feature, the wipers must be set to one of the five delay settings on the lever.

Each of the five settings adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor.

Since different drivers have different setting preferences, it is recommended that the mid-range setting (position 3) be used initially.

For more wipes, select the higher settings; for fewer wipes, select the lower settings located closer to the off position on the lever.

The sensor automatically controls the frequency of the wipes from the off setting to the high speed setting according to the weather conditions.

The wipers can be left in a Rainsense mode even when it is not raining.

Windshield Washer


In freezing weather, do not use the washer until the windshield is warmed. Otherwise the washer fluid can form ice on the windshield, blocking your vision.

Pull the windshield wiper lever to spray windshield washer fluid and activate the wipers. The wipers will continue until the lever is released or the maximum wash time is reached.

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