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Heated Seats

Automatic Climate Control System Shown
Automatic Climate Control System Shown

If available, the buttons are on the climate control panel. To operate, the ignition must be on.

Press   or   to heat the driver or passenger seat cushion and seatback.

Press the button once for the highest setting. With each press of the button, the heated seat will change to the next lower setting, and then to the off setting. The lights indicate two for the highest setting and one for the lowest.

See Heated Front Seats on page 3-6.

Head Restraint Adjustment

Do not drive until the head restraints for all occupants are installed and adjusted properly.

To achieve a comfortable seating position, change the seatback recline angle as little as necessary while keeping the seat and the head restraint height in the proper position.

See Head Restraints on page 3-2 and Seat Adjustment on page 3-3.

Safety Belts

Safety Belts

Refer to the following sections for important information on how to use safety belts properly:

  • Safety Belts on page 3-9.
  • How to Wear Safety Belts Properly on page 3-11.
  • Lap-Shoulder Belt on page 3-12.
  • Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH System) on page 3-38.

Passenger Sensing System

The passenger sensing system will turn off the front outboard passenger frontal airbag under certain conditions. No other airbag is affected by the passenger sensing system. The passenger airbag status indicator will light on the instrument panel when the vehicle is started.

See Passenger Sensing System (United States) on page 3-24 for more information.

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