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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Headlamps

To replace one of the headlamp bulbs, use the following procedure.

To replace the parking/turn signal lamp bulb, see Front Turn Signal and Parking Lamps on page 10-28.

  1. Open the hood. See Hood on page 10-3.


  1. Remove the filler panel fasteners (1) and remove the filler panel.
  2. Remove the three screws (2) retaining the headlamp assembly.
  3. Pull the headlamp assembly straight forward releasing the retaining studs from the grommets.


  1. Disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb assembly.
  2. Turn the bulb assembly counterclockwise to remove it from the housing.
  3. Replace the old bulb with a new one.
  4. Reverse Steps 1-6 to reinstall.

Replacing the headlamps on a Chevrolet Captiva involves several steps to ensure proper installation and functionality. Start by locating the headlamp assembly and accessing the back of the headlamp. Depending on the specific model year and trim level of your Captiva, you may need to remove the front grille or other components to access the headlamp assembly.

Once you have access to the back of the headlamp, disconnect the electrical connector and remove any retaining clips or screws that secure the headlamp in place. Carefully pull the headlamp assembly out of the vehicle, being mindful of any wiring or other components that may be attached.

Next, you'll need to replace the headlamp bulb. Depending on the design of your Captiva's headlamp assembly, you may be able to simply twist and remove the old bulb, or you may need to remove a protective cover or housing first. Be sure to handle the new bulb carefully and avoid touching the glass surface with your fingers, as oils from your skin can cause hot spots and reduce the bulb's lifespan.

Once the new bulb is installed, reassemble the headlamp assembly by reversing the removal steps. Connect the electrical connector, secure the headlamp in place with any retaining clips or screws, and test the new bulb to ensure it illuminates properly. Repeat the process for the other headlamp if necessary. Regularly inspecting and replacing headlamp bulbs is essential for maintaining optimal visibility and safety while driving your Chevrolet Captiva.

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