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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Remote Vehicle Start

If equipped with a remote starting feature, the engine can be started from outside of the vehicle.

(Remote Start): This button is on the RKE transmitter if the vehicle has remote start.

Laws in some communities may restrict the use of remote starters.

For example, some laws may require a person using the remote start to have the vehicle in view when doing so. Check local regulations for any requirements on remote starting of vehicles.

Do not use the remote start feature if the vehicle is low on fuel. The vehicle could run out of fuel.

The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) range may be less while the vehicle is running.

Other conditions can affect the performance of the transmitter. See Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System on page 2-2.

Starting the Engine Using Remote Start

To start the vehicle:

  1. Aim the RKE transmitter at the vehicle.
  2. Press and release   on the RKE transmitter.
  3. Immediately after completing Step 2, press and hold until the parking lamps flash. If the vehicle's lights can not be seen, press and hold   for at least four seconds.

When the vehicle starts, the parking lamps will turn on and remain on as long as the engine is running. The doors will be locked and the climate control system will operate at the same setting as when the vehicle was last turned off.

After entering the vehicle during a remote start, insert and turn the key to the ON/RUN position to drive the vehicle.

If the vehicle is left running, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes unless a time extension has been done.

Extending Engine Run Time

To extend the engine run time by 10 minutes, repeat Steps 1-3 while the engine is still running. The engine run time can only be extended if it is the first remote start since the vehicle has been driven.

Remote start can be extended one time.

If the remote start procedure is used again before the first 10-minute time frame has ended, the first 10 minutes will immediately expire and the second 10-minute time frame will start.

For example, if and then  are pressed again after the vehicle has been running for five minutes, 10 minutes are added, allowing the engine to run for a total of 15 minutes.

A maximum of two remote starts or remote start attempts are allowed between ignition cycles.

After the vehicle's engine has been started two times using the remote start button, the ignition must be turned on and then back off before the remote start procedure can be used again.

Shutting the Engine Off After a Remote Start

To manually shut off a remote start:

  • Aim the RKE transmitter at the vehicle and press until the parking lamps turn off.
  • Turn on the hazard warning flashers.
  • Turn the ignition switch on and then off.

Conditions in Which the Remote Start Will Not Work

The vehicle cannot be started using the remote start feature if the key is in the ignition, the hood is open, or if there is an emission control system malfunction.

The engine turns off during a remote start if the coolant temperature gets too high or if the oil pressure gets low.

Remote Start Ready

If the vehicle does not have the remote vehicle start feature, it may have the remote start ready feature.

This feature allows your dealer to add the manufacturer's remote vehicle start feature.

To add the manufacturer's remote vehicle start feature to the vehicle, see your dealer.

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