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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Front Wheelhouse

Do not damage any inner panels or reinforcements.
If the location of the original plug weld holes can not be determined, space the plug weld holes every 1 1/2 inches apart. Some panels may have structural weld thru adhesive. It is required to replace the weld thru adhesive with an additional spot weld between each factory spot weld.


1. Remove front tie bar as outlined in Upper Tie Bar.
2. Locate and drill out all factory welds. Note number and location of welds for installation of front wheelhouse, Fig. 1.
3. Remove damaged front wheelhouse, Fig. 2.


1. Drill 5/16 inch holes for plug weld as required on service component, in locations noted from original assembly.
2. Prepare all mating surfaces as required.
3. Apply 3M® Weld Thru Coating P/N 05916 or equivalent to all mating surfaces.
4. Position front wheelhouse to vehicle using three dimensional measuring equipment. Clamp front wheelhouse into place, Fig. 3.
5. Plug weld accordingly, Fig. 4.
6. Install front tie bar as outlined in Upper Tie Bar.
7. Clean and prepare all welded surfaces.
8. Apply sealers and corrosion protection materials to repair area, as required.
9. Refinish repaired area.
10. Install all related panels and components.
11. Connect battery ground.
12. Enable SIR system.

Fig. 1 Front wheelhouse weld locations

Fig. 2 Front wheelhouse removal

Fig. 3 Front wheelhouse installation

Fig. 4 Front wheelhouse plug weld locations

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