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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: Hood Support Strut R&R

Warning: When a hood hold open device is being removed or installed, provide alternate support to avoid possibility of damage to vehicle or personal injury.
1. Release locking tabs on strut, Fig. 1.
2. Ensure clip is fully seared when rod is reinstalled. If clip cannot be fully seated a new rod should be installed, Fig. 1.
3. Remove hood strut, Fig. 1.
4. Reverse procedure to install.

Fig. 1

Servicing the hood support strut on a 2018 Chevrolet Captiva involves ensuring that it functions properly to support the hood when open. Over time, these struts can wear out or lose their ability to hold the hood up securely, leading to safety concerns and inconvenience during maintenance.

To replace the hood support strut, start by opening the hood and securing it in place using a prop rod or support tool. This prevents the hood from accidentally falling while you work. Next, locate the mounting points of the old strut, usually located near the hinges on the hood and the body of the vehicle.

Using the appropriate tools, such as a wrench or socket set, carefully remove the bolts or clips securing the old strut in place. Keep track of these fasteners as they will be needed for installing the new strut. Once the old strut is removed, compare it with the replacement part to ensure they match in length and design. Install the new strut by attaching it to the mounting points on the hood and the body, then securely tighten the bolts or clips.

After installing the new hood support strut, test its functionality by gently opening and closing the hood. Ensure that the strut provides smooth and consistent support throughout the hood's range of motion. Once verified, remove the prop rod or support tool and lower the hood securely. Double-check the strut's installation and perform a final inspection to ensure it operates correctly and enhances safety during hood maintenance.

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