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If you cannot feel temperature change or pain to the skin, the seat heater may cause burns. To reduce the risk of burns, people with such a condition should use care when using the seat heater, especially for long periods of time. Do not place anything on the seat that insulates against heat, such as a blanket, cushion, cover, or similar item. This may cause the seat heater to overheat. An overheated seat heater may cause a burn or may damage the seat.

Automatic Climate Control System Shown
Automatic Climate Control System Shown

If available, the buttons are on the climate control panel. To operate, the ignition must be on.

Press   or   to heat the driver or passenger seat cushion and seatback.

Press the button once for the highest setting. With each press of the button, the heated seat will change to the next lower setting, and then to the off setting. The lights indicate two for the highest setting and one for the lowest.

The passenger seat may take longer to heat up.

The heated front seats in the Chevrolet Captiva 2012 provide added comfort during cold weather. To activate the heated seats, locate the buttons on the climate control panel, which require the ignition to be on. Press the button once for the highest heat setting, indicated by two lights, and press again to reduce the heat level, shown by one light. A third press turns the heater off. It is important to be cautious when using seat heaters, especially for individuals with reduced sensitivity to temperature, as prolonged use can lead to burns or overheating.

Always avoid placing insulating materials like blankets or cushions on the heated seats, as this can cause overheating and potential damage. Additionally, the passenger seat may take longer to warm up compared to the driver's seat. For optimal safety and functionality, follow the vehicle's manual instructions for using the heated seats.

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