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Chevrolet Captiva Service & Repair Manual: TPMS sensor location

Refer to Fig. 1 for component locations.

Fig. 1 TPMS sensor location

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor in a Chevrolet Captiva is a vital component responsible for monitoring tire pressure and alerting the driver to any deviations from the recommended levels. Understanding its location is crucial for efficient servicing and maintenance of the vehicle.

Typically, the TPMS sensors are located within the wheel assembly, specifically mounted on the inner side of the wheel rim. To access the TPMS sensor, technicians need to remove the tire from the wheel rim, allowing direct access to the sensor. This process requires specialized tools and knowledge to ensure the sensor is handled correctly and safely.

During servicing, technicians may need to inspect, repair, or replace the TPMS sensor if it's malfunctioning or damaged. This involves careful removal of the sensor from the wheel assembly, diagnosing any issues, and installing a new sensor if necessary. Proper calibration and testing procedures are then performed to ensure the TPMS system functions accurately and provides reliable tire pressure readings to the driver.

Technicians must be aware of the specific TPMS sensor location for each wheel to avoid any errors or misplacements during servicing. Following manufacturer guidelines and using approved replacement parts are essential to maintain the TPMS system's effectiveness and ensure the vehicle's overall safety and performance on the road.


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