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Retained Accessory Power (RAP)

These vehicle accessories may be used for up to 10 minutes after the ignition key is turned to the LOCK position:

  • Outside Mirror
  • Power Windows
  • Sunroof (if equipped)
  • Radio

The outside mirror, power windows and sunroof will function until a door is opened.

The radio will function until the driver door is opened.

Shifting Into Park

To shift into P (Park):

  1. Hold the brake pedal down and set the parking brake. See Parking Brake on page 9-26 for more information.
  2. Move the shift lever into P (Park) by holding in the button on the shift lever and pushing the lever all the way toward the front of the vehicle.
  3. Turn the ignition key to LOCK/OFF.

Leaving the Vehicle With the Engine Running


It can be dangerous to leave the vehicle with the engine running.

It could overheat and catch fire.

It is dangerous to get out of the vehicle if the shift lever is not fully in P (Park) with the parking brake firmly set. The vehicle can roll.

Do not leave the vehicle when the engine is running. If you have left the engine running, the vehicle can move suddenly. You or others could be injured. To be sure the vehicle will not move, even when you are on fairly level ground, always set the parking brake and move the shift lever to P (Park).

See Shifting Into Park on page 9-18. If you are towing a trailer, see Driving Characteristics and Towing Tips on page 9-41.

If you have to leave an automatic transmission vehicle with the engine running, be sure the vehicle is in P (Park) and the parking brake is firmly set before you leave it. After you have moved the shift lever into P (Park), hold the brake pedal down.

Then, see if you can move the shift lever away from P (Park) without first pushing the button. If you can, it means that the shift lever was not fully locked into P (Park).

Torque Lock

If you are parking on a hill and you do not shift into P (Park) properly, the weight of the vehicle may put too much force on the parking pawl in the transmission. You may find it difficult to pull the shift lever out of P (Park). This is called "torque lock." To prevent torque lock, set the parking brake and then shift into P (Park) properly before you leave the driver seat. To find out how, see Shifting Into Park on page 9-18.

Move the shift lever out of P (Park) before you release the parking brake.

If torque lock does occur, you may need to have another vehicle push yours a little uphill to take some of the pressure from the parking pawl in the transmission, so you can pull the shift lever out of P (Park).

.The Retained Accessory Power (RAP) feature in the Chevrolet Captiva. allows certain vehicle systems, such as the radio and power windows, to continue functioning after the engine is turned off and the key is removed from the ignition. This feature remains active until one of the front doors is opened or for up to 10 minutes, depending on the vehicle's configuration. It provides convenience by allowing occupants to use these features without the engine running, enhancing comfort and entertainment during short stops.

When shifting the Chevrolet Captiva into Park, it's essential to engage the parking brake first to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Once the parking brake is applied, shift the transmission into Park by moving the gear selector lever fully into the "P" position. This action engages a mechanical lock that secures the transmission, preventing the vehicle from moving. Always ensure the vehicle is stationary and the parking brake is engaged before shifting into Park to avoid potential accidents or damage to the transmission.

Understanding and using the .Retained Accessory Power (RAP). feature and following proper procedures for shifting into Park are important aspects of maximizing the convenience and safety features offered by the Chevrolet Captiva. Refer to the vehicle's owner's manual for specific instructions and details regarding the RAP feature, shifting procedures, and other key functions to ensure safe and enjoyable driving experiences.

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