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Shifting out of Park

The vehicle has an electronic shift lock release system. The shift lock release is designed to:

  • Prevent ignition key removal unless the shift lever is in P (Park) with the shift lever button fully released.
  • Prevent movement of the shift lever out of P (Park), unless the ignition is in ON/RUN or ACC/ ACCESSORY and the regular brake pedal is applied.

The shift lock release is always functional except in the case of an uncharged or low voltage (less than 9 volt) battery.

If the vehicle has an uncharged battery or a battery with low voltage, try charging or jump starting the battery. See Jump Starting on page 10-66 for more information.

To shift out of P (Park):

  1. Apply the brake pedal.
  2. Press the shift lever button.
  3. Move the shift lever to the desired position.

If you still are unable to shift out of P (Park):

  1. Fully release the shift lever button.
  2. Hold the brake pedal down and press the shift lever button again.
  3. Move the shift lever to the desired position.

If you still cannot move the shift lever from P (Park), consult your dealer or a professional towing service.

Parking over Things That Burn


Things that can burn could touch hot exhaust parts under the vehicle and ignite. Do not park over papers, leaves, dry grass, or other things that can burn.

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