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Chevrolet Captiva Owners Manual: Fuel

Use of the recommended fuel is an important part of the proper maintenance of this vehicle. When driving in the U.S., to help keep the engine clean and maintain optimum vehicle performance, we recommend using TOP TIER Detergent Gasolines. See for a list of TOP TIER Detergent Gasolines.

If the vehicle has a yellow fuel cap, E85 or FlexFuel can be used in the vehicle. See E85 or FlexFuel on page 9-37.

In the Chevrolet Captiva owner's manual (2006-2018), the section on fuel is a critical resource that provides detailed information essential for maintaining optimal performance and efficiency. It typically outlines the recommended fuel type for your specific Captiva model, such as unleaded gasoline with a particular octane rating. Following these recommendations ensures that the engine operates efficiently and minimizes the risk of issues related to fuel quality or composition.

Manual offers insights into the fuel tank capacity of your Captiva Sport, indicating the maximum amount of fuel it can hold. This information is valuable for planning refueling stops and understanding the vehicle's range, especially during long trips or when driving in remote areas where gas stations may be scarce. Knowing the fuel tank capacity also helps prevent overfilling, which can lead to fuel spillage and potential damage to the emission control systems.

Articles includes fueling procedures designed to promote safety and proper fueling practices. These instructions typically advise turning off the engine before refueling, avoiding overfilling the tank, and securely tightening the fuel cap to prevent fuel leaks and evaporation. Adhering to these guidelines not only ensures safe fueling practices but also helps maintain the integrity of the fuel system and emission control components in your veicule, contributing to its longevity and reliability.

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